Best Games For Girls

Video games in the past have been a bit of a ‘boys-only’ thing. Stand back boys because times are changing and more and more girls are enjoying video games. There has been a big increase recently in the number of female gamers and online streamers.

If you are new to gaming, it can be overwhelming as the internet is flooded with millions of games to choose from. But how do you know which ones are worth your time? Which ones are better suited to girls?

Should I buy a gaming console?

If you are new to gaming or would like to give gaming a try, I suggest that you start by looking at pc games before looking to buy another gaming platform, simply because most girls have access to some form of computer already.

To help you out and to narrow your search, I have come up with a list of the 10 best PC games for girls.

I have added a comment on each of these reviews to let you know how difficult each game is and how much the content will put a strain on your computer as some games require quite a bit of processing power.

Do I Need To Have a Dedicated Gaming Computer to play PC Games?

Even though it is true that gaming PCs deliver much better performance while running most games, it is not important to have one. Even the low-range computers can run games, the only catch is that they output a lower graphics quality.

Let’s explain some terms specific to video games:

But before we begin with the list, let’s discuss some important key terms that you should know to better understand the gaming world and video games:

What Does FPS Mean?

If you don’t know what FPS means, then let me simplify it for you. FPS is the short form of the term “First Person Shooter.” Such shooting games have a gun-centered view and only allow you to see the world from a human eye perspective. FPS games are a popular form of design for PC games, but they may not suit everyone…so why not try one out and see if it works for you.

What Is a Multiplayer Game?

Multiplayer games connect you with a worldwide community of gamers and allow you to play alongside people from all parts of the world. While playing online with someone, all. the content that you see on your screen is also visible on the other person’s side, only from their perspective. You can also talk to them via text messages or even voice chats. It is a great way to make new friends and play with them simultaneously in real-time.

Now when we have discussed the technical terms, let’s jump into the actual list.

#1 – Valorant


Difficulty Level: ✮✮✮☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮✮☆☆ 

Valorant is one of the most popular games in the gaming industry today and there is a very good reason for it. This team-based shooter game takes the age-old FPS(first-person shooter) concept and cranks it up a notch with a futuristic aesthetic and characters that perfectly sync with the gameplay. For players new to FPS, Valorant is one of those games with a slight learning curve but this is curbed by the fact that there is a ranking system built-in. This means that the game pairs you with enemies and teammates according to your skill level. This makes sure that it isn’t too hard to play while still remaining competitive. 

You also get the option to select between multiple characters with different abilities. During the matchmaking process, you are supposed to strategically choose characters that balance the team’s overall abilities.  You can choose to play as an aggressive character who specializes in attacking or as a sentinel who can hold the ground and keep the enemies from entering your base. The main objective of this game is to plant a bomb in the enemy’s base and prevent it from being defused.

The fair matchmaking process, extensive in-game training, and a massive female community make Valorant the best shooting game for beginner female gamers. It also features voice communication among your team and you can also chat with the opponents while playing.

#2 – Grand Theft Auto 5


Difficulty Level: ✮✮☆☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮✮☆☆ 

With over 140 million copies sold across the globe, GTA 5 is the second most successful game in the world. It is an open-world game which means that you can roam freely in the grand vicinity of San Andreas. This is one of the few games that don’t need any prior experience and you get the freedom to explore the beautifully designed world any way you want. Yes, anyway. You can drive around in a car or sprint on a bicycle or even fly a jet. The possibilities are limitless. GTA 5 is not only a very interesting game in itself but it also is a great way for you to train yourself before you can play a more advanced game.

Having no limits does not mean that the game does not have any storyline and you’re just supposed to roam freely. There are many quests to choose from that follow up with a linear storyline. Completing these missions gradually level you up and allow you to unlock guns, cars and so much more. There is also an online multiplayer mode of the game which allows up to 30 players to play together, a great idea if you have any other gamer girls as friends. GTA 5 is the best choice for a beginner as it is very easy to start with and it lets you explore the city and the various modes it has to offer.

#3 – Minecraft


Difficulty Level: ✮☆☆☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮☆☆☆ 

Minecraft has been one of the most interesting beginner-friendly video games for about 10 years now. It boasts a massive sales record of selling over 200 million copies and has over 125+ million monthly active users (as of 2020), and it is not uncommon to see it making its way onto the lists of the best games of all time. 

This video game is based on a block concept where users can break and place blocks to survive and design amazing things. It might not sound very intriguing at first, but once you get that hang of it, it can get really addictive. It’s the design of this game that makes it very popular among women and girls.

When initially starting off, players can choose to build a creative or survival world. Creative worlds are usually chosen by gamers who want to build things without any limitations as you are provided with an infinite number of blocks. 

This mode is also a great way to get started with Minecraft as there is no way of getting killed and you use your imagination to create anything you also want while refining your controls.  In the survival mode, the game will put you in a randomly built world. Your task is to survive as one would in real life by finding food, building a shelter, and attempting to prosper with tools. All this is to survive the night in the game that brings in a horde of zombies and skeleton monsters.

#4 – Red Dead Redemption 2


Difficulty Level: ✮✮✮☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮✮✮☆ 

Coming from the developers of GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 is also an open-world adventure game that offers a very different premise and the world from the norm. This video game is the third in the Red Dead series and critics have given it the title of one of the best games of its time. The story takes you to the Southern/Western United States during 1899. It follows the life of an explorer named Arthur Morgan who is faced with many problems during the decline of the wild west culture.

The whole world is easily navigable and you can do anything from riding a horse to using a lasso to catch thieves. There is also a linear set of quests, similar to GTA 5 wherein certain tasks will lead the players forward in the story surrounding the game. 

As for its difficulty, it varies based on what you want to do. There are many easy tasks such as side quests and just roaming around in the open world which don’t require you to have any prior skills. However, free-roaming improves your movement controls which come in handy when you start completing the missions. It’s the easy to understand, yet unique concept and that makes it a good place to start playing as a beginner and a favourite for many women!

#5 – Outlast 2


Difficulty Level: ✮✮✮☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮✮☆☆ 

Calling all female gamers who love horror movies! The Outlast series is a set of 2 psychological horror games. It is one of the scariest video games to have ever been made. This video game you to a first-person setup and follows a single-player campaign pattern. While being acclaimed for its gameplay, sound, graphics, and more, the game is not for the faint of heart with large amounts of gore and an ominous storyline. If you love horror movies, then this game is the perfect choice for you.

The game takes you on a very interesting journey of a journalist named Blake Langermann who was in the Arizona Desert with his wife to report on a murder. During their journey, Blake’s wife gets lost in a town full of deranged people with nobody willing to help. The player takes control of Blake’s decision and is tasked with going through the town to save his wife. 

Throughout the game, your character is only given a camcorder with night vision and your aim is to avoid strange people while progressing forward through loads of spooky content that fills the game world with surprises. Despite being scary and not fit for people with a weak heart, Outlast 2 wins a place on our list due to its simplicity. It is fairly easy to get started with and can prove to be a very interesting play if you’re into horror content. 

#6 – Overwatch


Difficulty Level: ✮✮✮☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮☆☆☆ 

After its release in 2016, Overwatch instantly gained popularity among beginners as it comes with a very extensive training platform that helps you master the game before you jump off to playing competitive matches. This is what makes it perfect for beginners.

Overwatch is also based on the first-person shooter concept but has some unique features that make it stand out from the competition. After a demo walkthrough, you can start playing unranked mode where players are put into 2 teams of 6 members each. 

For the fun part, you get to pick a character out of the 32 options available. The characters in this game are known as Heroes and each one comes with a unique skill set. The teams then fight against each other to complete certain objectives before the other. This game is played by many girls in the Esports industry and there is a huge community of women gamers you can interact and play with. One thing to keep in mind is that the game gets highly competitive at higher ranks, so climbing up may be a task for some, but the competition is what makes the game even more interesting

#7 – Call of Duty: Warzone


Difficulty Level: ✮✮☆☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮☆☆☆ 

Warzone has been making headlines and dominating the streaming and Esports industry for quite some time. It is another first-person battle royale-type shooter game that adds up to the long chain of legendary Call Of Duty series. 

What’s unique about this game is that instead of playing in a team against five or six people, Warzone places you on a map with 150 other players that compete against each other to survive.  When you start a match, the game puts you in a lobby where all the 150 players are quickly collected and sent off to a map of your choice. After that, you have to land on the map and collect loot items like guns, grenades, and cash to get yourself set up to fight. Once you have your equipment ready, the goal is to use any means possible to be the last one surviving.

The matchmaking process is one of the many things that give Warzone a unique spot in the gaming world. Instead of matching players according to their rank, this game randomly chooses players which makes it a little more competitive. Adding to the thrill is the strategic approach that you need to come up with to get better at this game. Sometimes you need to set camp and wait for the enemy and other times you must attack the enemies aggressively. 

There are many different modes you can choose to play including a training mode that helps you master the controls. If you are a beginner then Warzone can be a very good place to start your journey as a female gamer by preparing you to play games that are much more competitive.

#8 – Forza Horizon 4


Difficulty Level: ✮✮☆☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮✮☆☆ 

If killing your enemies and running freely around a map don’t spike your interest, then maybe FPS games are not the best choice for you. Even though the majority of popular games are based on the FPS model, the gaming world has much more to offer and you can try your hand at playing racing games. 

Forza Horizon 4 can be a perfect racing game to start with as a beginner. Based in the splendid scenery of Great Britain, it’s hard to get bored of playing this game. The beautiful map does mean that you will need a very high-end PC to play this game. One of the best things about this game is that It offers you premium graphics quality without straining your computer with excessive resource load. 

Just like you get to choose your favorite character in an FPS game, racing games give you the option to choose your favorite race car. On average, a racing game gives you a choice between 20 to 50. Forza Horizon 4 on the other hand has a massive array of approximately 700 vehicles. It also has multiple tracks and modes to choose from that make your gaming experience very interesting. 

Unlike older generation racing games, Forza 4 also features a dynamic weather system that follows real-world season changes and adds a layer of realism to the game. When it comes to difficulty level, racing games are much more relaxed as compared to FPS games while still being equally thrilling. You can start with training races and gradually develop your skills which does not take very long if you play consistently. 

#9 – Life is Strange


Difficulty Level: ✮✮☆☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮☆☆☆☆ 

If watching teen drama and mystery shows excites you then imagine how interesting a game would be that combines both these genres and adds a spark of time travel to it. Life is Strange is the most unique game on our list. It has no shooting or racing involved and is based on a very different concept. As a beginner, this game will help you master the controls and the movements of the character.

It focuses on the life of a teenage girl who moves back to her hometown, only to realize that she has the ability to travel through time. The game is divided into 5 parts with each one adding significant meaning to the powerful storyline. 

The first part starts with her realizing the truth about her powers and as the story continues she finds herself reuniting herself with her childhood best friend. The saga of mystery begins when they start exploring the truth behind the missing case of a local girl. The design of this game means it is very popular for women.

Life is Strange will take you on a journey of this girl’s life as you play as the main character and use your abilities to travel back in time and solve very creative puzzles and interrogate people. If you are looking for a game that has a great storyline and is mentally challenging, then Life is Strange might just be the best option for you. 

#10 – Rogue Company


Difficulty Level: ✮✮✮☆☆

PC Intensive: ✮✮✮☆☆ 

The list of the best beginner-friendly games for female gamers can not be complete without mentioning Rogue Company in it. This unique game utilizes the same hero-based concept as Valorant and Overwatch but does it from a completely different perspective. 

It is a third-person tactical shooter game which means that you view your character from a bird’s eye view. This might sound odd at first but it is a godsend for people who are new to gaming as it is a great way to train yourself. 

Rogue Company is easier to play compared to most competitive shooter games but it remains competitive. It takes very little time to get the hang of it and It’s the perfect entry-level shooter game that also offers a multiplayer mode. 

The basic idea is that once players choose between the characters, you drop into a map in 2 teams and are tasked with objectives based on specific game modes. This game will teach you the basic skills required to play a shooting game and also gives you all the insights of a multiplayer game.

Which of these Video Games Is The Best for Female Gamers to Try?

The games we have mentioned in the list of best video games for female gamers vary in multiple difficulty levels and despite most of them being easy to play, some of them might need you to have a little prior experience.  If you are new to gaming and you are not sure of where to start from, then we advise you to play GTA 5. This is because it is a mixture of multiple forms of gameplay and will give you a taste of everything from tactical shooting to car racing. Happy gaming girls!!

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